Jazz Stadium B-Roll

The Situation


I was asked to go to the Jazz Stadium and shoot some B-roll for a video that Qualtrics and the Jazz were working on together. I didn’t get any information about what the shoot was or what I was suppose to capture other than a basketball sitting at half court. I did however get the rest of the information about 45 minutes before the shoot. It is always fun going into a shoot blind. So we got to the stadium and realized that only half of the court was built and we only had two hours to get the shots. This limited the types of shots we were able to get and angles we could film. But we made the most of it and got some really fun shots.

This was a shoot we did at the Jazz Stadium for Qualtrics. Qualtrics sponsors the Jazz and does it through 5 for the fight. Check that out here. https://www.5forthefight.org/ Music from Art-list https://artlist.io/Micah-7871

The Gear

Now this was the fun part. I was using the Ursa mini Pro with a PL mount and the Zeiss Super Speed Mark III Prime lens set. It was beautiful. I than place two 1200 HMI up in the seating to give nice lens flares and back light. I was very happy with the end result. The red that can be seen through out the piece is from the jumbotron casting light from the Qualtrics red logo.

The shoot was difficult just because we didn’t know what to film but turned out great in the end. Had a great crew. My favorite shot was a pull back we did from the backboard to reveal the stadium.