The Uber Shoot

We were tasked to film an Uber scene at night for Qualtrics to match closely to some placeholder footage from an Uber ad. So Janssen my producer and I got to work location scouting and sourcing talent and a car and getting the permit from the city to close down the road for the night. We had four days to get it all done.

Janssen did an awesome job finding the car and talent and I worked on getting the location and locking it in. We ended up using Communal in Provo UT and it worked absolutely fantastic.

The night of the shoot came and we filmed on the C200. We had Quasar Kino Flo lights for the inside some sputniks outside the windows for color accents a skypanel to mimic a stoplight and M18 for overall fill and moonlight. We had over 30 extras which made it rather difficult for blocking in such a small space and placement of lights. Due to these difficulties we had to cut some of our shots down and I had less time to light outside than I would have liked. But we ended up getting all the shots we needed and I felt the shoot turned out pretty great. Now I am not allowed to show the completed piece so I cut together some of the footage into a little piece for you to see.

Micah BrownComment