Filming in Maine with LL Bean Part 2

The B-Roll

Lake House with Ronin 2 and C200

The best part of almost any shoot is the B-roll and LL Bean was no different. We captured some of my favorite shots ever on this shoot and it was so much fun doing it. Now if I could give one piece of advice to those going to use a lot of gear it would be test your gear before you shoot. I’ve shot with the Ronin 2 a few times and got it working pretty quickly but the first day of this shoot the ronin 2 was on a total fritz to the point that I didn’t think were were going to be able to use it on the shoot. Smooth track wouldn’t work and it wouldn’t stay centered. My first AC Alex Terrill tried everything he could to get it working and we just couldn’t. I took it home that night and updated the firmware and the next morning Alex was able to get it working and basically save the shoot.

So we were ready to climb a mountain with the gear and film a couple hiking to the summit. Let me tell you the ronin 2 is not light and you absolutely need some type of readyrig or EZrig to handle that thing. I would recommend the readyrig. It distributes the weight better and is easier to use. On the mountain we had beautiful back light the whole way up to the top and of course on the top. It was an amazing view with all of the trees in fall colors.

The second day of Broll was just as pretty as the first. We had beautiful sun and great locations on the lake. We filmed a family playing outside, canoeing and cooking smores. By the end of the day I was totally exhausted it was two days straight of having a readyrig and ronin 2 on my back and I was spent. But the end of the shoot I was physically shaking because of the exertion but we got all the shots and it looked beautiful.

Micah BrownComment