Qualtrics was one of the major sponsors for LoveLoud and organization set to help LGBTQ youth. We were tasked with the job of creating a sponsorship video that each of the five companies that sponsored the event would speak about the importance of LoveLoud.

The broll was all provided our task was to film the interviews. We decided to go with as consistent of a look for all the interviews as we could and wanted to mix in a little color to bring in a little bit of the LGBTQ flag colors. So we went with a light red and light blue. These were achieved using Rainbow Quasar tubes. The red was a back light and the blue was a three quarters fill.

All in all I was happy with the results but some definitely worked better than others. We were beholden on each of the companies location and where they had space to shoot. My favorite one was Podium. We were able to control the light a lot more and it made for a cleaner nicer look.

Micah Brown